Apostle Area 13

The District Apostle Helper Mkhwanazi visited the congregation of Silvertown on 18 January 2017.

On Wednesday 11 January 2017, Apostle P Lambert held a divine service in Muizenberg Congregation.  He was accompanied by the Bishop AC Hartzenberg.
The Bible word that served as a basis for the divine service was taken out of Exodus 33:18. The Apostle highlighted that we as His children are not able to grasp the fullness of His glory. This is revealed to us in His time and according to His will.
The act of Holy Sealing was bestowed upon 5 young souls.
After service the Apostle spent some time with the congregation’s matriculants and posed with them for a photograph. The congregants were thankful to have experienced the serving of the Apostle in their congregation.

On Sunday 8 January 2017, Bishop Hartzenberg bestowed the Golden Wedding Anniversary Blessing on retired Priest Vollenhoven and his wife in Crawford Congregation.

It has been a blessed New Year 2017 indeed with the visit of Apostle P. Lambert in Capricorn Park Congregation on 1 January 2017. Excitement and blessed anticipation could be felt in the congregation.

With the sealing of 7 souls, the retirement of Deacon Abraham Fortune and the ordination of 2 deacons (Simpson and Rank) and 2 priests (Leander and Kammies), it was a blessed occasion. As a congregation it could indeed be said, "Glory be to God our Father"!