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This blessed and most enjoyable excursion of the youth of Kimberley Central to join the Koffiefontein District in Van der Kloofdam at the Renosterberg Resort, will live in the hearts of the youth for long. The vibe of excitement and enthusiasm could be felt amoung the youth, including the parents that came to see off the youth at Kimberley Central church on Saturday 18 February 2017.
The weekend programme was managed under the umbrella of “Who I am makes a difference”. District Elder Baise started the programme by rendering a prayer of thanks to God for safe travelling and the grace to have such excursions.  He then explained the purpose of the excursion but also mentioned the umbrella under which the weekend would be enjoyed.
Thereafter, a short session on the use of modern day media and technology as an advantage to our congregations and the platforms the youth could navigate to gain knowledge pertaining to the church liturgy etc. was presented.  Rectors were very happy because the youth were exposed and enticed to want to have access to the MIS system. One of the youth sisters of a remote congregation showed them how she uploads the attendance after every divine service. In a very lively way the District Elder went on to show his profile, including his photo, to illustrate the enormous capability of the system.
The youth co-ordinators from a neighboring congregation  who earned the name “Team No Sleep” kept the youth occupied with a lot of fun activities. After enjoying supper a choir practice was arranged and the evening was ended off with a presentation of "Who I am makes a difference – The Blue Ribbon Story", a very moving experience which had some of the adults and youth shedding a silent tear.
Bishop Bhana and the diocese Youth Co-ordinator joined the group after the morning service in the local congregation of Van Der Kloofdam. Not even the bucketsful of rain which poured down since they woke up could dampen the anticipation for the Youth Service planned. The Bible word for the divine service was 1 Samuel 18, a portion of verse 18, “'Who am I, and what is my life. . .’” Priest Krull and District Elder Baise served along.
At the conclusion of the service sister Mildred Diedericks, who celebrated her 21st birthday on the day was wished. Bishop wished her on this special occasion and thanked her for choosing to celebrate such an important milestone in her life with the youth away from home. One of the sisters handed the gift from the youth to her - a Bible, hymn collection and a hymnal. The youth, adults and all present ended this divine encounter with a very powerful rendition of  “All hail the power of Jesus’ name”.
Braai was on the cards for lunch. All were in good spirit and enjoyed a few more moments with new and old friends. Thereafter, a very exhausted but satisfied youth departed for the long road home, some undertaking a 260km drive.

Great excitement prevailed after the conclusion of the divine service on 19 February 2017 amongst the senior members and the Sisters’ worker group of Kimberley Central congregation.
As part of the Valentine’s celebrations in the week and the appreciation of the gold in the congregation, the senior members, the group decided to treat them to some eats after the divine service. Everyone enjoyed refreshments and memorable moments of fellowship after the blessed encounter experienced in God’s house. The fellowship culminated in great joy in the circle of the senior members and they felt appreciated and enjoyed a sense of belonging.