On Saturday 11 March 2017, the seniors with their co-ordinators of the Grassy Park Bishop Area spent a wonderful day at Zandvlei.

After all the seniors from the different congregations had settled down, Bishop AC Hartzenberg spent a few moments with each congregation.

Snippets from seniors and co-ordinators' feedback:

The seniors were so grateful for a nice relaxing day. They enjoyed everything - the games, snacks, lunch and the fellowship with others who they had not seen in a long time. It was an awesome day. The seniors were very excited about the fun day. They had such a nice day that they want to do it again  - it makes them feel more relaxed, they did not even mind the wind.

It was also mentioned by some seniors that they enjoyed the sun, the wind, the water, the company and the food. They were happy to just be out amongst their peers and to share time chatting about things close to their hearts, teasing one another, fostering fellowship and joining in the songs that were drifting around them.

All the seniors expressed their thankfulness for just being granted the opportunity to come on the outing.  Besides seeing their friends from other congregations they also enjoyed the conversations and different topics.  At times people were wiping tears of laughter.

It was a blessed day indeed!