Some of our congregations are somewhat removed from the privileges that city life has to offer and therefore need a little more support.
On Sunday 12 February 2017, the bishop area co-ordinators of the Arcadia Bishop area accompanied Bishop F Flores to the Langkloof area to do exactly this for the Sunday School of the Welgelegen (EC), Highview and Haarlem congregations. 
Although these brothers and sisters are not privy to city comforts and advantages, their wealth was clearly evident all round. The beautiful mountain and landscape provided a tranquil and perfect setting for learning to take place.
Lessons had been prepared and presented which demonstrated the fact that one does not always need electronic equipment or even expensive teaching aids in order to present a memorable lesson. It is all about enthusiasm, love and commitment.
Teachers availed themselves to be reinvigorated and enthused to go back to their congregation to once again tackle the business of teaching Sunday School.
A few new teachers joined the group after having been assured that there was nothing intimidating about teaching the children.
We have the confidence and faith that our brothers and sisters will continue building the congregation from its foundation, i.e. through the Sunday School.

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Apostle HB Swartbooi visited the congregation of Nomzamo in Humansdorp on Thursday, 9 February 2017. As basis for the divine service, he used Matthew 9:35-36 and delivered a profound message of how we should follow the example of Jesus by looking after our neighbour.

At the divine service, the Apostle called Deacon Sipho Sotyelelwa to the altar and placed him into retirement. He expressed his sincere thanks to the deacon for his sacrifices and support in the Lord’s work.

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On Monday evening 6 February 2017, the youth of Groot-Brakrivier, Jongkersberg and Hoogekraal congregations met for a meeting and choir practice.
Community Evangelist R. van Haght held a short meeting and encouraged the youth to look after themselves, reach out to their neighbour and help along in the congregations. Priest K. van Haght went through the music programme in preparation for the upcoming youth service on 19 February 2017.

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It was with these words that Bishop T. Stephens held the first George Bishop Area coordinators’ meeting on Monday evening 30 January 2017.
The Bishop said amongst other things that all have a single vision and that is, completing the bride of Christ. Everyone must recognize God in their different functions. That one youth or Sunday school child in the outlying area must experience the same love as those in the towns.
Priest Petersen, the Bishop Area Administrator asked the coordinators three questions namely, what is my role/purpose as a coordinator? What is my goal for this year and lastly, what will I achieve at the end of this year?
The Bishop thanked everyone present and wished them well in their different portfolios.

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On Sunday 5 February 2017, the confirmands and their parents of the George Bishop area travelled to a little coastal village called Brenton-on-Sea,  approximately 15 km outside Knysna. This scenic route was greatly enjoyed by the group travelling from Oudtshoorn, Groot-Brakrivier, George and Sedgefield.
As the confirmands and their parents entered the Brenton-on-Sea community hall they were greeted by the heavenly sound of the orchestra. There was a buzz of excitement as many young faces were inquisitive to see who would be confirmed with them on 23 April 2017.
When the time arrived for the divine service to commence and as Apostle HB Swartbooi took his place behind the altar, one could sense a special joy and a great expectation radiating from the 387 members in attendance.
District Apostle J Kriel wrote a very special word for the confirmands based on 2 Corinthians 7:16. The message was simple, but powerful: ” The Lord and His servants have confidence in you”.
After the divine service a group photo was taken and the Apostle Swartbooi and Bishop Stephens took time to interact with the confirmands and their parents, while they were served with refreshments. Thereafter, satisfied and joyful confirmands and their parents journeyed back to their various destinations some who had to travel as far as 150 km to their home towns.

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