Apostle Area 10

The matriculants of Missionvale Congregation would like to thank their spiritual leaders, especially the District Apostle for all the prayers, care and interest in their education. They also appreciate and value the District Apostle’s personal letter very highly. Their parents are also sincerely thankful to the District Apostle for his letter to them. They wish him Godly blessings.

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Apostle HB Swartbooi visited the congregation of Forest Hill on Wednesday, 7 December 2016.

On this occasion of his visit, he sealed 9 souls. After Holy Communion the Apostle called Community Evangelist Andrew Lotz to the altar and placed him into retirement. Community Evangelist Lotz served in the ministry for 26 years. The Apostle thanked the Community Evangelist for his contributions in the Lord’s work and wished him well in his retirement.

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Kabega Park congregation's Sunday school went on their year-end outing on Saturday, 26 November 2016. The weather was ideal for the planned picnic to a nature reserve in Port Elizabeth called “The Island”. One could not tell who was more curious and excited to see the other, the children or the monkeys.
After a quick breakfast of hotdogs and juice, the children went off to play. Water balloons, tug o' war, cricket and other exuberant games were launched into with great gusto. Some teachers discovered speed that they did not know they had when they were targeted with water bombs.
For lunch even the youngest was allowed to build their own burgers. It looked so delicious that the monkeys decided to share with the kids.
At about two o' clock a very tired group of children and teachers packed up to go home. It was a wonderful day where warm fellowship was enjoyed and lots of laughter shared.

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On Sunday, 11 December 2016, the congregation of Uniondale presented a Christmas Concert and invited the members and families to attend. Beautiful Christmas renditions were presented to a capacity of 96 people which included a few visitors.

The attendees left the concert filled with joy and excitement as the Christmastide was rung in thoughtfully and melodiously.

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On Wednesday 23 November 2016, the Bishop TD Stephens held a divine service in Conville Congregation. The Bible word used for this service was taken from Psalms 34:2, “My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad”. A wonderful spiritual experience was made as the Bishop took the congregation on a spiritual journey.
During this service the congregation bid farewell to the Rector, Community Evangelist Freddie Williams. The Bishop thanked the Rector for his service and bid him well in his new role. A new Rector in the person of Hannes Venter was appointed as Rector for Conville congregation by the Bishop.
The festivities did not end there as the Bishop also thanked Community Evangelist Jan Erasmus for the time that he assisted in the congregation on a temporary basis. Community Evangelist Erasmus would move back to Blanco (his home congregation). Furthermore, the Deacon Johannes Jacobus Botha in retirement, celebrated his 77th birthday and well wishes were bestowed upon him.

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